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It's a good twist on the aristocrat joke, but i dont think that people will find this funny if they havent heard the original.

I love it SOOO Much

Thats just awesome... the clock crew should have their own t.v. show as long as all the episodes are this awesome.

Also, where can i find that music? You know... the one where in the clock collab 2 you are selling something like "leet in a jar" or something... and then you say "With 10% more peggy than the next leading brand..... GOD I LOVE THIS MUSIC"

And its on this flash when you shoot SBC.. so where can i get that song?

Anyways.. this flash is just awesome. And funny... i watched twice in a row because it was so good.

Especially the part where you drown strawberry.

RupeeClock responds:

Meh, that won't happen just yet.

Cat on mars from cowboy bebop is the song anyway.

Pretty funny

but completely false. Killzone didnt suck, its extremely awesome. And the online for the PS3 will actually be better than Xbox live once they start doveloping it. Xbox live wasnt awesome for the original Xbox on day one. And also, the PS3 is better spec wise.

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Umm, i had a glitch.

I upgraded the missile launcher, and all my guns, lightning arc, and everything dissappeared. I didn't get any money back and i had nothing to shoot with.


That guy better not dis the music again.. lol.

Great game ! :D

chad-duncan responds:

Thanks! :D


Really nice.. its like minesweeper kinda.. in a way... except better!!!

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Still a great song

Still love it!

Quite Great

What separates decent sax players from great sax players, is the energy and intensity they put in the sax. You definitely have become good at putting energy through your sax, it really gives the instrument a COMPLETELY different sound in my opinion. Unfortunately, one side effect comes from this great amount of energy, and it takes a little practice to overcome it. And that is to force yourself to not overpower some of your stacatto notes. lol. Your tounging them to hard at the beginning of the note, and sometimes at the end of it... (not noticeable to someone who hasn't experienced this whilst playing sax) Overall, your performance is a 10/10 especially to someone purely looking at this from a 'being entertained' standpoint.

Trust me, i definitely was entertained. And i would love to hear you play some more. The tounging doesn't take anything away from the performance for me personally, it's just something i noticed you could make better.

Thanks for reading, and you're a great sax player.

Glad to see your making more music

Can you tell me how you get your songs noticed?
I make decent songs... but it seems like i get no reviews or listens.

And great song btw. I especially love the extremely low bass.

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